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The upward trend of HIV/AIDS prevalence among women and children has had wide socio- economic and health consequences in MENA region including Iran. In recent years,the third wave of spreading HIV/AIDS has accelerated this increasing trend and made concern policy makers and researchers. Hence,holding meetings and conferences to exchange executive experiences and scientific evidences would be the best strategy to extract effective policies and draw robust road map to combat this problematic health issue. That’s why Shiraz HIV/AIDS Research Center along with Deputy for health of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and with effective collaboration of Center for Disease Control of the MOH have decided to hold “The Second International Congress on HIV/AIDS with a focus on Women and Children” 16-18th December 2015 in Shiraz,Iran. Undoubtedly,this congress will provide very good platform for all researchers and policy makers to put forward their invaluable knowledge and experiences. Moreover,this will adopt new strategies and approaches in health promotion and reduce the social implications of HIV infection among women and children. Fortunately,this congress like the previous one is benefitted from comprehensive support of UNAIDS,UNODC,UNICEF,UNFPA and WHO which shows the international importance of the selected subject. Hope by active participation of all researchers and policy makers,we could achieve the invaluable goal of the congress which is “Comprehensive and Evidence based policies to combat HIV/AIDS and its consequences among Women and Children”. 

Enjoy a few days in Shiraz

While the congress itself is intensive,we hope that you'll also make time to enjoy Shiraz. The location for the workshop is right in the center of so many spectacular visiting locations,Darvaze Ghoran,Hafeziyeh,Kahjouye Kermani,Eram Garden,Jahan Nama Garden and just 60 km to Persepolis and Naghsh-r-Rostam.